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Monthly Monogram Box

Have you ever received a monthly subscription box and was disappointed, thinking it wasn't worth the money? I finally found one that YOU will love, the MONOBOX by www.shopilovejewelry.com! This is a monthly subscription with the cutest items. When I received my first box in May, I knew right away it was totally worth the money. The box included workout items that were sure to get you motivated for a gym sesh, with a personalized gym bag, water bottle, and headband. June monobox includes a monogrammed t-shirt, Flag hat, and the cutest star necklace.

I am obsessed with monogram items and mail days, but the best thing about the MONOBOX, it's a complete surprise every month. In each box you'll receive three items, one monogrammed and the other two items to accessorize.

If you are interested in this monthly subscription for only $21.95, click on the link below. You can also use my special code "ourtribe15" for an additional 15% off. How awesome ;)


Hurry babes before you miss your chance to get the JUNE MONOBOX!!!!! XOXO

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